Wednesday, September 30, 2009

well well well

since carnage officially introduced himself
and i did

lets start some fun

ummm this will be on TONIGHT
since this is the new blog n not alot of ppl yet
yall get it first

now WE bring you
This Beautiful Mess We're in: the Path to erfection

ummm take it for what it is ... hope yall enjoy it and here it is

Coming to the Blog...


Carnage here... thanks to Sir Rivera, I'm in your window. I've been following everything lately and to my knowledge... Charles Hamilton will be coming at you tenfold. Will he be signed again? Maybe... but a label has to be willing to let CH do things the way he wants (without the whole argument about $$$). That's my take as of now...

On another note: I'm an admin. An honored one at that... maybe the exclusives you'll hear on this very blog will be tremendous.

::Thunder Bolt::


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Welcome To WhereisDemevolist

ok well im trying to get coadmins n what not on this blog i got carnage(Surfinonit!) already on board if you feel you could help or would like to join the team holla at me (

ummm this site is dedicated to post updates and new tracks\tapes from demevolist and along the way if we can get a strong enough crowd even get them to reunite ..

and i didnt want to clutter up my other blog
with Demevolist tapes and info

UMMMM besides that just tell every1 to join
and get the word out...
theres a list of demev artists and there discography's of whats released ======?=====>

ummm just expect nothing and in return you will get more then you expected HA

might drop this show tape soon
same with this nate tape...

200n8 is tuff idk if it got scrapped or what...

and support the artists.........